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Moved into a new home? Check for gas or plumbing issues!

Moving into a new home is extremely happy time, but you mustn’t let this stop you from making sensible checks on your new abode. Get everything inspected immediately and start with electricity, plumbing and heating systems. In some cases the plumbing and gas system may be old presenting numerous problems with toilets, sewer lines, pipes, drainage, heating system, boilers, etc. Don’t delay as potential problems will only get worse.

Boiler issues and efficiency

The majority of boiler problems occur at peak times and can result in expensive repairs. Moreover, any issues with the boiler can put your family at risk so always hire a GAS safe registered engineer for your boiler inspection ensure that everything is safe. If the engineer finds any issues with the boiler they can take suitable action for repair, maintenance, or replacement. They can also check efficiency by determining whether the existing size of boiler is suitable for your home and may recommend a completely new system if it saves you money in the long run.

Check faulty gas appliances and central heating issues

Gas appliances like gas ovens, radiators, etc. can be dangerous as they can cause carbon monoxide leaks and risk your family members wellbeing. Always call a professional engineer for a full inspection.

Inconsistent room temperatures throughout your house can be a tell tale sign of poor heating. Hiring a heating engineer to test your system will ensure that your central heating system is in good working order and you don’t have to worry about a bigger potential repair.

Check for leaks and drainage issues

Listen out for peculiar noises coming from the toilet after flushing or noisy pipes, they can sometimes be a cause for concern.

If you notice that some sinks or your shower tray are taking some time to empty after you’ve used them, there might be some blocking in your drains, hiring a plumber will ensure that debris has been cleared and there is no such issue left.

Moving into a new home is an exciting time but always ensure checks are made at the first opportunity, it is important to know what you are dealing with.