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Wireless Heating for Dunstable, Luton, Leighton Buzzard and surrounding areas

“Wave”, Smart heating control for compatible Worcester boilers.

Absolute Plumbing are fully qualified and trained installers of “Wave” heating control technology in Dunstable, Luton and Leighton Buzzard.

“Wave” is a fully programmable, wireless-to-internet, Smart heating control which you can access via touch screen or the Wave App for Smart phone and tablet.

Install the new Wave today and enjoy year-round comfort, efficiency and peace of mind. Neat and compact with it’s own built-in touch screen and no external sensors to worry about, installation is usually very quick and we will have you up and running in no time.

Take control

With built-in touch screen and a user friendly App, you can monitor and control from any location where internet is available.

Wave is supplied with a with a pre-set programme which you can easily customise to suit your own requirements.
Set to your preferred holiday mode simply by adding the dates.

Wave automation in action

When the internet is down, Wave will continue using the last saved programme.
Wave has eight motion sensor ports which can be used to detect occupants and adjust the heating (for major savings) when no one is there.

Did you know?

The latest condensing boilers reuse much of the heat which otherwise would be lost through the vent and they becoming super-efficient when heating demand is low.
Comfort levels can be maintained while saving energy with weather and load compensation technology.

Enhanced “Wave” energy efficiency

Using the latest advanced technology such as weather and load compensation, Wave will ensure that you get maximum energy efficiency without compromise to your comfort.

Wave is one of the few devices which can also control your hot water.

A Leaf Icon appears on screen when you make energy saving adjustments while the Wave App offers a chart of heating and hot water usage, allowing you to see if/where more energy savings could be made.