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Why you should call a plumber for a summer boiler service

During the warm summer months, when the central heating is off, the last thing people are likely to fret over is calling their plumber to arrange a boiler service. However, with most boiler breakdowns occurring in the winter, the summer is the perfect time to get your boiler ready, and here’s why.
It allows a plumber to identify issues easier
During the summer, when your boiler is not in use, any leaks or deposits will have built up, making it more straightforward for your plumber to spot any potential problems. With the minimum need for boiler usage in the summer, the plumber can adopt a patient approach to ensure all components are checked and repair any faults with minimum disruption.
You can experience shorter waiting times
If you’ve ever found yourself needing a plumber for an emergency in the winter, then you’ll understand how challenging it can be to get a call out that’s fast enough and convenient. During the summer, when plumbers are in less demand, you can get a call out for a boiler service that suits your schedule.
It provides greater reassurance
Being proactive and organising a summer boiler service will instil greater peace of mind and reassurance than if you left it until the autumn or winter. Although it may seem odd to be focusing on your boiler during such a scorching summer, it will potentially save you a stressful winter should your boiler break down. So, don’t waste any more time and contact Absolute Plumbing & Gas Solutions today to arrange your boiler service.

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