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The homeowner’s guide to decoding boiler service and repair jargon

Navigating the world of boiler maintenance can be daunting, especially when technical jargon clouds your understanding. This guide aims to demystify the terms commonly used in boiler service and repair, empowering homeowners to engage confidently with professionals. Understanding basic terms Initially, let’s clarify the basics. When discussing boiler repair, you may hear ‘combustion efficiency.’ This […]

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The art of maintaining an efficient central heating system tips and tricks

Efficiently maintaining a central heating system ensures comfort and cost-effectiveness during chilly British winters. As seasoned experts, Absolute Plumbing & Gas Solutions Ltd offers unparalleled services, ensuring your plumbing and heating runs optimally year-round. Understanding your system Initially, familiarising yourself with your central heating setup is crucial. Knowing the type of system, whether a conventional […]

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Most common boiler and central heating faults

Unexpected faults with boilers and central heating systems are never welcome. Still, when the temperature drops and autumn starts to resemble winter, central heating systems minus an annual boiler service are suddenly thrust into operation. Sometimes, this results in some common faults. Fortunately for you, if you call Absolute Plumbing and Gas Solutions, we’ll send […]

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