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Are you opting for boiler repair or boiler installation?

The boiler and central heating system are critical elements of any domestic or commercial property in keeping ambient conditions tolerable. A boiler system has dozens of components that require regular maintenance through a boiler service. Still, if you find a boiler repair is becoming a common occurrence, you may want to consider a new boiler installation to keep your central heating system functioning. If you are weighing up your repair or replacement options, evaluate the following concerns.
Is your existing boiler safe?
Ultimately, you cannot put a price on safety, so it’s paramount to make the right decision when deciding if you should replace your boiler or not. If you experience any issues with your heat exchanger, you should think carefully about a replacement. The heat and pressure of a boiler unit can cause cracks that can result in carbon monoxide leaking. A new boiler is an absolute priority if you encounter any faults that could lead to carbon monoxide leakage.
The age and efficiency of the boiler
The age of your existing boiler can be a significant factor in deciding whether to replace or repair your boiler. If, after each boiler service, the plumber notices your old boiler is becoming more inefficient, it might be time to upgrade to a modern boiler system that works cost-efficiently. If you want a professional and competitively priced plumber to undertake a boiler service to evaluate the performance of your central heating system, contact our team today.

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