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Why you should call a plumber for a summer boiler service

During the warm summer months, when the central heating is off, the last thing people are likely to fret over is calling their plumber to arrange a boiler service. However, with most boiler breakdowns occurring in the winter, the summer is the perfect time to get your boiler ready, and here’s why. It allows a […]

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Are you opting for boiler repair or boiler installation?

The boiler and central heating system are critical elements of any domestic or commercial property in keeping ambient conditions tolerable. A boiler system has dozens of components that require regular maintenance through a boiler service. Still, if you find a boiler repair is becoming a common occurrence, you may want to consider a new boiler […]

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Most common boiler and central heating faults

Unexpected faults with boilers and central heating systems are never welcome. Still, when the temperature drops and autumn starts to resemble winter, central heating systems minus an annual boiler service are suddenly thrust into operation. Sometimes, this results in some common faults. Fortunately for you, if you call Absolute Plumbing and Gas Solutions, we’ll send […]

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Different types of boiler systems explained

Unless you’re a professional plumber, you probably assume your central heating system will always work and deliver you hot water and heat until it doesn’t, and a boiler repair, boiler service or a new boiler installation is needed. But if you needed a new central heating system, could you identify which would be most suitable […]

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Enjoy peace of mind with an annual boiler service

Is your boiler a little on the temperamental side? If so, you might want to consider maintaining it with an annual boiler service. At Absolute Plumbing and Gas Solutions Ltd., we are experts in keeping boilers, old and new, running smoothly throughout Milton Keynes. In the hands of experts Boilers are complicated vessels that are […]

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