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How you can make your heating system more efficient!

Your heating and hot water system is central to the running of your home so it is important that homeowners ensure their heating system is running efficiently. Hot spots, noisy pipes and radiators that need bleeding are just some symptoms which can give an indication to the homeowner that their heating system isn’t running efficiently. If you have a heating system in your home, you can improve its heating efficiency in order to save money and reduce adverse effects on the environment. In this blog we’ll be discussing how to make your heating system more efficient.

Bleeding and optimising the radiators

By bleeding the radiator, one can improve the efficiency of the heating system. In this process, one needs to fill the whole radiator with hot water. If there is a difference between the temperature at the top and the bottom of the radiator, one needs to bleed the radiator and remove air from the system. Optimising radiators with the installation of reflectors (behind the radiator) ensures that heat is not wasted through the wall and provide more efficiency to the heating system.

Installing a Magnaclean Filter and Flushing the heating system

By power flushing the heating system (clearing out the debris which has been there because of its years of operation), it will work more efficiently. The aim of power flushing is to restore the circulation of hot water. Another way to increase the efficiency of a heating system is to install a magna clean filter which attracts all the debris before it enters into the boiler. It really makes sense and one can improve the efficiency of the heating system significantly with this device. Power flushing takes time depending upon how badly a heating system has been affected.

Servicing the existing boiler, or getting the new one

If your heating system isn’t working properly, you may need to service the boiler. Alternatively, you can opt for a modern boiler which can provide an efficiency of 90%. If you are confused about servicing or replacement, then consult a professional heating engineer to discuss your options, it will almost certainly save you money.