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Boiler Health – How to prevent your boiler from freezing

A highly-efficient boiler is a good home investment, but winter can be tough on the health of your boiler. During the winter your boiler / pipes could potentially be frozen and lead to system failure. If you have industrial boiler equipment and experience a frozen system, you can expect a shut-down that will cause a loss of productivity. Many people have faced such issues in the past and here is what Absolute Plumbing engineers recommend to prevent this happening.
Keep an eye on the boiler pipes
The biggest challenge during the winter months is to prevent the boiler pipes from freezing. Condensing boiler pipes can collect water and freeze, causing huge destruction. One should check that pipes are properly insulated. Proper insulation can reduce the chance of damage to your boiler pipes without affecting your pocket.
Keep measuring the metrics
It is important to keep measuring the metrics of a boiler like its operating pressure, temperature, water cut off, etc. at regular intervals. If you have an older boiler they tend to loose pressure over time, in such cases, you should make sure that you haven’t lost any power. It is worth starting your boiler once a month during the summer months to make sure nothing seizes.
Schedule and assessment
If you are still worried about your boiler freezing during the winter months, you should book an assessment with a professional to ensure the proper health of your boiler. If you are in Dunstable, Luton or Milton Keynes and looking for a heating engineer, the team at Absolute Plumbing work flexible hours to try and fit you in. We look forward to your call.

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