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Maximising the boiler performance

Your boiler is one of the most important (and sometimes most expensive) pieces of equipment in your home or commercial property. Inefficient boiler performance means you will have higher fuel bills than a serviced unit. It can be a false economy to think a service is costly because it is cheaper in the long run.
Maximising the boiler performance doesn’t have to be difficult if you don’t take good care of it, if not – you could end up dealing with unwanted problems. A boiler engineer can help you make sure your boiler is operating at maximum performance to minimise breakdowns.
Assess the refractory lining
This is the material that lines up with the combustion chamber within the boiler, and helps insulate heat that the system produces. It can withstand extreme pressures and temperatures in the combustion process, but older systems cannot withstand such capacity and therefore efficiency decreases. In such cases a professional boiler engineer will be able to diagnose this and make the necessary repairs.
Schedule routine maintenance early
We advise routine maintenance in the way of an annual service, but if have issues you should book a visit immediately. Your boiler engineer can diagnose problems, make the necessary parts replacements and can check for efficient running. Early maintenance ensures that you don’t have to call a boiler engineer in the costly emergency / peak times.
Sometimes potentially serious boiler performance issues are difficult to detect and require an in-depth look at the entire system.
Check for Leaks
Leaks result in boiler inefficiency as the boiler will not be able to convert all the energy into the heat. You may notice a leak, noise or just poor performance but always ensure the engineer is gas safe registered.

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