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Eco-friendly boilers that works more efficiently

Reduce your carbon footprint with an eco-friendly boiler that works more efficiently and uses less fuel to help protect the environment.
Traditional boilers consume more fuel, work less efficiently, and pollute the air with the waste gases they emit. There is also the potential risk of carbon monoxide leaking into the atmosphere and causing a health risk.
Upgrading your boiler to a more efficient and more environmentally friendly boiler will lower your energy emissions to reduce your impact on the environment. Not only will you help prevent global warming, but also save money on your monthly energy bills.
Condensing boilers
Replacing your old boiler with a modern condensing boiler is a greener and more eco-friendly option which will run more efficiently and prove more cost-effective in the long term. Utilise any available scrap page schemes by replacing your ineffective boiler with a new A-rated condensing boiler.
Recycled heat
Older boilers produce warm exhaust gas that is extracted through a vent out into the external environment, where the heat goes to waste. However, condensing boilers have a heat exchanger which extracts the heat from the waste exhaust gases and recycles it before it enters the atmosphere, so less energy is used to achieve the desired temperature.
Fuel Efficiency
There are substantial energy savings associated with modern condensing boilers, meaning that you will save money and get an immediate return on your investment.
Boiler Emissions
Strict standards for boiler emissions mean that you may be forced to upgrade your old boiler in order to keep within the legal emission rate requirements. Eco-friendly condensing boilers are designed with incredibly low emission rates, while maintaining a strong heat output.
Energy Loss
Energy lost during the combustion process of an old, inefficient boiler, contribute to greenhouse gases and add to your fuel bills. Eco-friendly boilers are designed to prevent energy losses and are more efficient than traditional boilers.
Maintenance of Eco friendly Boilers
Many of the new eco-friendly condensing boilers come with a 10 year warranty, and simply require an annual service to ensure that the system is working safely and correctly.
Absolute Plumbing and Gas Solutions
To find out more about our range of eco-friendly condensing boilers or for a free quotation, contact Absolute Plumbing and Gas Solutions today.

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