Common Plumbing challenges in older homes

Older houses are often cherished for their charm and character. For many young people looking to buy their first home, an old house that needs a little extra care is an attractive option. Before you buy an older home, it is a good idea to understand some common plumbing challenges you may unearth. Sometimes plumbing problems cause a minor inconvenience but others are ticking time bombs that could cause significant damage. Being aware of these issues will allow you to take the necessary steps to ensure that your plumbing runs smoothly. The following are some of the top plumbing problems in older homes:

Old Pipes
Pipes in older homes can make the repair decisions more straightforward if they are made from materials that are no longer recommended. If the house has not been renovated for a long time you should commission an inspection to see what potential problems could be in store. This is a prudent and often a money saving tip in the long term.

Underground Pipes
Pipes installed underneath homes (encased in concrete slabs or buried in the ground) are affected by the gradual movement of the house over time. They can create a negative slope that restricts the flow of water and left unattended, these pipes can cause stoppages or leaks over time which can destroy your plumbing system completely.

Outdated fixtures and connections
Nothing lasts forever and plumbing fixtures like, taps, pipes, radiators, heating systems and supply line connections can develop general wear and tear. This can lead to restricted water flow that makes simple use of water inconvenient at best and expensive at worst. The most efficient way to avoid any unanticipated costs is to plan ahead, so get plumbing fixtures checked by a professional plumber to avoid unwanted expense further down the road.